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Kim Bossley has been a very big advocate for the hepatitis c community.  Sharing her personal story and struggle with the disease with various media outlets.  She has been asked to be on the PBS Newshour show, PBS 2nd Opinion show, Cosmopolitan Magazine and numerous local news stations sharing her story and being the face of Hepatitis C.  She very much wants to get the public aware of this highly stimatized disease.  Educate them on transmission and bring awareness to GET TESTED, GET TREATED, GET CURED.  Her links to the featured programs and blogs are below.


                                The LATEST NEWS COVERAGE

HEALTH CENTRAL : Featured Documentary "Living Well with Hepatitis C" - April 27th, 2015  (  Kim shares her personal journey along with three others living and surviving hepatitis c.


CBS Denver 4 News:   Posted 1/21/15 reporter Kathy Walsh follows up with Kim Bossley on her cure


HEPATITIS NOW / AVELLA Specialty Pharmacy - January 26, 2015


PBS 2nd Opinion Show ** Hepatitis C*  Aired 10/23/14 - to be shown various times throughout the month.  Check your local listings for time in your area.  Here is the link to the show 



Products Finishing Magazine November 2014Story by Tim Pennington - Kims professional journey with her company along with her personal fight with hepatitis c.



PBS News HourPosted 04/ 23/ 2014>



CBS4 Health SpecialistPosted 04/14/2014 - By kathy Walsh>



The Denver Post Posted  03/04/2014 - By Electa Draper>



FOX 31 DENVER - Posted  3/5/14 - Shaul Turner Reports







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The Shocking "Diagnosis" - Blog by Kim Bossley



                                                                                         ** You can follow Kim's blog on the site **

Learning to Adjust - blog by Kimberly Morgan Bossley

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Everyday Life - blog by Kim Bossley

Our Expectations of a Doctor - blog by Kim Bossley 

Relationships and Hep C  Part 3 -  Children living with parents with Hep C - blog by Kim Bossley 

Relationships and Hep C PART 2 - the wife/mother with hep c - blog by Kim Bossley 

Relationships and Hepatitis C PART 1 - blog by Kim Bossley 

Alcohol and Hepatitis C - blog by Kim Bossley 

PBS 2nd Opinion Show ** Hepatitis C** - blog by Kim Bossley 

Our very own Superhero - blog by Kim Bossley 

My mind is cloudy and my mind Foggy - blog by Kim Bossley

Creating the "Winning" Team - blog by Kim Bossley

Limits to Health - blog by Kim Bossley 

Stigma The "FEAR" of it - blog by Kim Bossley 

Test Results show you have Hep C- blog by Kim Bossley 

Limits to ones health - blog by Kim Bossley   -

Real Life find at local Nail Salon- blog by Kim Bossley





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