When diagnosed with Hepatitis C it can be a very lonely and isolating disease.  Many others do not understand the full impact this has on ones life being diagnosed with such a disease.  This is why The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV has created and set up private support groups within the facebook community.  We have elected to run such support groups as the growing number of people diagnosed are not able to get out in person to gain the support of others in person. 

These support groups we have are private, confidential and protected.  We do our best to screen the those asking to be a part of these groups through facebook and do not allow misguided, solicitations, or mis treatment of others in these groups.  Once an initial screening process is done you are welcomed into the private group.  These groups are members only (pre-screened) and no one other than those in the groups can see the postings on facebook.  You will see posts on your news feed pages but we assure you non of your personal friend lists are able to see your posts or those of others in the group.

The support groups range in variety.  Here is a list of the groups sponsored by The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV

   ***   Hepatitis C from A to Z      This group is for anyone associated with Hepatitis C.  It is for - patients, family members, caregivers.  This group topics can be anything from questions about how it is contracted, how it is spread, symptoms a patient may be experiencing, a caregiver wanting to learn more about the disease to be able to help their loved one or friend.  We encourage everyone to be a part of this over all group for a all purpose support. 


   *** Positive Quotes for Hep C    is a group that offers positive daily support.  As everyone knows Hep C is a very depressing and frustrating disease.  This group is strictly for those to start their days off on a positive note.


   *** Solvaldi and HCV  is a group for those on or about to begin the treatment of Solvaldi.  This group shares experiences on this treatment and it is a great place to share and learn about the side effects one may be dealing with on Solvaldi


   *** Harvoni ~ Harmony & Hep C  is a group for those on or about to begin the treatment of Harvoni.  This group shares experiences on this treatment and it is a great place to share and learn about the side effects one may be dealing with on Harvoni.


   *** Abbvie VIEKIRA Hep c Support  is a group for those on or about to begin the treatment of Viekira.  This group shares experiences on this treatment and it is a great place to share and learn about the side effects one may be dealing with on Viekira.


   *** Late Stage Hep C fighters  this group is for those diagnosed with Late stage liver disease due to Hep C.  These patients are in stage 4 with Cirrhosis.  This group is more complex as it covers many topics that late stage patients are fighting such as - pain, edema, swelling, brain fog, hepatic encephalopathy.  We recommend this group for those fighting end stage and also the caregivers for that patient.  Lots of good information is shared in this group to help combat the issues facing end stage liver prognosis.

   *** Dual FIGHTERS ~ Co-infection HCV/HIV   this group is for those who are battling two diagnosis.  Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.  It gives a place that those suffering from both Hep C and Hiv can seek support of others in same condition.

   *** Fighting & Surviving Liver Cancer  this group is for those who are recently diagnosed, going through treatment or have survived the liver cancer battle.  The group shares in experience, offers opinions, support and encouragement along the way.  A positive way to fight a horrific diagnosis


    ***Living Kitchen is a group that shares recipes for healthy liver friendly diet.  As our livers become more damaged it is harder for it to function properly.  Those with liver disease should be watching their diets closely and avoiding foods that cause the liver to over work. 

Again,  these groups you can find and request to join only through facebook.  As the foundation grows we hope to be doing more in person groups in various cities.

  ***Brain Fog is designed for those experiencing the "foggy" "sluggish" everyday feeling when dealing with damaged and failing livers.  This group focuses on the seriousness of the clinical diagnosis this is called Hepatitic Encephalapathy.  Here you will find information about this and the best ways to deal and treat this condition all while being surrounded by others with same feelings.

  ***Dual Fighters Co Infection Hcv/HIV here is a group for those who are diagnosed with two very highly stigmatized diseases.  You will find support from others who also understand the frustrations in dealing with two very serious health conditions.


  ***New Horizons for Hep C have you been treated for your hep c and just found out you relapsed?  This group was designed to bring those into a private forum to seek support and comfort from others in the same situation.  You treat for various months then find out Hep C is back.  We offer the emotional support and the informative support you will need to know to direct your next plan of action.

  ***Hep C Post Treatment Support You have finished your treatment.  You crossed that finished line.. Life is about to begin anew for you.  This group is for those who are ready to begin that process of ~living~ again, dreaming again.  It also is a great source of informaton on if you are still suffering lasting effects of a treatment.  Others in this group share and help everyone to the next step in your lifes journey

  ***Hep C Kids Corner Our NEWEST addition to the sponsored Groups offered by The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV.  As we all are getting treated most of us don't think of the little ones that too are suffering from this disease.  It can be scary as a parent of a child with Hep C or a child who's parent has Hep C.  This group is to support and offer information about children and Hepatitis C.  It also is a place where young kids can come to vent about a parent suffering from hep c.  The scary in's and out's of a complex disease.  We welcome only parents with children and children themselves to this private group.

To join-  log into facebook and search for the name of the group you choose, click ask to join.  One of our staff members will review the request and everyone will be screened before being accepted.  Because our groups are private and we value the privacy of every indivudual we do not allow people sharing names or information to other groups or entities.   Once approved, you will begin to see news feeds on your facebook page from the group.  We hope you find these pages a place where you can seek out others suffering from Hep C.  The friendship and bonds you create within Hep C are truly life changing.  Just to have someone understand your feelings, frustrations and worry.

DONT  FORGET  to also seek out THE BONNIE MORGAN FOUNDATION FOR HCV on facebook  and follow us there for upto date information on hepatitis c and the positive journey needed to combat this disease.   "Not without a FIGHT!~HCV~(c)"   


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