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Kim, her mom Bonnie and father Bill

Bonnie (Adler) Morgan   -Foundation in honor of Kims mom.  Bonnie was born in 1947 with defective kidneys.  All her childhood she fought constant sickness, in and out of hospitals.  Three months after getting married at 18 Bonnie fell deathly ill, her kidney was shutting down.  

The doctors advised Bonnie’s family that the only way for Bonnie to survive would be a kidney transplant.  At which time, Bonnie’s mother Ruth got tested and found she was a perfect match.  In July 1965 Bonnie received her mom’s kidney through a successful transplant.  

With the new lease on life Bonnie began yearning for children.  Because this had never happened before, after a transplant the doctors were very hesitant  

March 1968 Bonnie was the first transplant in the US and about 5 in the nation to give birth after a transplant. (Kimberly Morgan Bossily)  It was after Kim’s birth that the doctors realized that Kim was not waking up for feedings a2nd that her blood had probably been affected by the medication Bonnie took to keep her kidneys functioning.  

Bonnie continued throughout her life to cautiously watch her kidney functions and in the late 1990’s had to undergo another kidney transplant this time receiving it from her cousin Tom Adler. 

Kim and her children- Megan and Garrett

Later she found out she and Kimberly had contracted the hepatitis C virus through a blood transfusion many years earlier.  Because of her transplanted kidney, Bonnie was not eligible for the then treatment for Hep C – Interferon and Ribavirin.  (That combination could possibly harm or even shut down a weak or sick kidney).  The only option for Bonnie was to undergo a liver transplant but that procedure would not be the cure of the virus but only buy Bonnie a few more years. 

Bonnie thought about this and came to the decision that she had lived a full and bright happy life.  She was content having lived long enough to see her own children grown and even got to see her grandchildren.  This was something doctors never knew how long she would live with a kidney transplant. She faced this decision with great bravery, showed courage, strength and positive energy throughout her whole life.  People would never know the battle she was fighting on the inside as she always kept a upbeat positive attitude and carried a smile where ever she went. 

Bonnie lost her battle to End Stage Liver Disease May of 2006.  It is her zest for life and determination to beat the odds that we honor Bonnie through our foundation to help other receive the lifesaving drugs that are now proving to cure hep C.  We would like her legacy to live on in others faced with this nasty disease.

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Kimberly Morgan Bossley  President of The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV,  is a strong Advocate for Hep C  Kim, is very active within the Liver community participating in numbers liver life walks across the United States putting a face to Hep C.  Through her own personal battle of the disease she shares her journey and experience in speaking engagements accross the U.S. along with managing a blog through the site:  posting personal victories and struggles she has encountered through fighting hepatitis.  She has been featured on numerous T.V programs such as PBS Newshour, PBS 2nd Opinion show and just recently on Health Central sharing her personal story and that of her mothers fight with Hep C.  You can view link to these documentaries under Resources and News.  Kim underwent a 48 week trial treatment for her Stage 4 hep C in 2013, which is a trial for late stage liver disease.  The combination of Ribaviran and Solvaldi.  The trial ended Oct. 7th, 2014 and the next 12 weeks are critical for her as acheiving a SVR (clinically cured).  On January 7th, 2015 her mothers birthday Kim got the amazing news she has acheived a SVR and is clinically CURED of hepatitis C.  Her journey continues to help fight for others to get treated.  She tells others that she will not cross the "finish" line until the last person is cured.   If you would like to have Kim come do a presentation to your group or organization about Hepatitis C please email her at
Megan McGuire- Vice President of The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV, Megan is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at the University of Northern Colorado.  Megan grew up with a grandmother who was chronically ill and her Mother Kim being diagnosed when when she was 10 years old with Hep C.  She has witnessed the devasting parts of this disease and what stresses it brings to a family and especially the children.  She is active in the American Liver Foundation liver life walks in Denver and shares awareness of Hepatitis C through out her peers.  Megan is a member of the Alpha Sigma Alpha at The University of Northern Colorado.  Her hobbies include cheerleading, spending time with her family and being a voice for the children who's parents have hepatitis c.  She is actively sharing with Collage Age Students about Hep C and how it is transmitted.  Her story of living with someone who has hepatitis c was featured on Health Central.  You can see this video under resources and news.





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