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The Bonnie Morgan Foundation is here to help you gain knowledge of what Hepatitis C is and give you the encouragement to face this diagnosis head on.  We also give you various forms of  information you will need to seek out treatment and direct you to co-pay assistance programs like The Bonnie Morgan Foundation along with many others so you can receive this life saving curing treatment.  Our goal is to assist patients living with chronic Hepatitis C and patients post transplant through Charitable donations in paying their share of prescription drug co payments and  deductibles. We want to reduce the financial stress the patients needs to deal with and then they can pay more attention on their heath.

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About Hepatitis C

Learn all about hepatitis C, its causes, and its symptoms. Our foundation, based in Longmont, Colorado, seeks to provide the public with a greater understanding of this disease.

Hepatitis C Treatments

Get full information on the new hepatitis C treatments. Careful screening is necessary before starting the treatment to determine the most appropriate approach for the patient.

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Our Story

   Hepatitis C is a very emotional and stressful disease. The disease creates huge burdens to their families with all the ups and downs regarding their social, emotional and physical health. The largest burden is economic because eventually the disease becomes too great for the patient to be able to work and function normally. Add to this the cost of the doctors’ visits and the outrageous cost for medical treatment.

   We here at the Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV have years of personal  experience on all levels of this disease.  We are Patients, Caregivers, Veterans, Children, and Advocates.  More importantly we are here to support you from start to finish in your journey fighting this disease.

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   Our priority is to help those diagnosed with Hepatitis C gain their lives back after being diagnosed.  Give them the knowledge
and power to be informed and able to look this disease in the face and take charge of their lives again.  The key to winning this
battle is staying positive.  Hep C has many side effects that create a dark shadow over our daily lives.  Focusing on your mental 
positive outlook will not only help relieve stress on the liver but allow you to live your life fullest in the moment.

   The new phase of this disease with all the amazing treatments becoming available is taking a once terminal diagnosis and putting
the word CURED to it.  It is a exciting time for all and also the most important time for each of us to start becoming a "Voice" to this
disease, by spreading awareness and educating those about Hepatitis C.

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Welcome to The Bonnie Foundation for HCV “Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~ 2013 Together We are Strong!

We are currently accepting donations to help pay for medications and treatments for patients with 
hepatitis C and cover the costs of medication afterliver transplant. 
Donate today to help those in need. Find out more from our Facebook™ page.

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