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The Bonnie Morgan Foundation wants to help you understand what Hepatitis C is and how you can deal with it. Here you will find some information that can help you. Sometimes  health insurance is not enough then The Bonnie Morgan Foundation will fills the gap. Our goal is to assist patients living with chronic Hepatitis C and patients pos transplant in paying their share of prescription drug copayments and  deductibles. We want to reduce the financial stress the patients needs to deal with and then they can pay more attention on their heath.

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About Hepatitis C

Learn all about hepatitis C, its causes, and its symptoms. Our foundation, based in Longmont, Colorado, seeks to provide the public with a greater understanding of this disease.

Hepatitis C Treatments

Get full information on the new hepatitis C treatments. Careful screening is necessary before starting the treatment to determine the most appropriate approach for the patient.

Liver Transplants

Liver transplants are complex surgical procedures that aim to replace a diseased liver with a healthy one. Learn more about transplants and living donor transplants.



Our Story

Kimberly Bossley from Colorado, United States) and Patricia Maciel originally from Parana, Brazil and now US Citizens living in Chesapeake, Virginia) wanted to start something that is very important in their lives, something that can change not only their life but thousands of others suffering from hepatitis C. Both Kimberly and Patricia have been dealing with the Hepatitis C in their lives. Bonnie, Kimberly’s mom was a 1965 Kidney transplant patient who was also 1st woman in US/5th in the world to give birth after her transplant.

It was during this birth of her daughter Kimberly that both got a blood transfusion and found out years later it was tainted with Hepatitis c. Kimberly continues to fight against the HCV virus and she is participating in a trial treatment now that hopefully cures this disease. Patricia Maciel’s husband, Ray Maciel, has also been fighting with Hepatitis C. Ray believes he probably got it from a blood transfusion when he was a teenager. On July 6 2013 Ray received a liver transplant from a generous donor family who lost a loved one. Today Ray is still fighting for his life because the Hep C virus is still in his blood and will need to undergo treatment to cure Hep C. Both families are going through a huge battle against this virus.

Hepatitis C is a very emotional and stressful disease. The disease creates huge burdens to their families with all the ups and downs regarding their social, emotional and physical health. The largest burden is economic because eventually the disease becomes too great for the patient to be able to work and function normally. Add to this the cost of the doctors’ visits and the outrageous cost for medical treatment. Both families got together and wanted to do something to help everyone have the chance at getting a cure.

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Our goal is to give you a place where you can learn more about hepatitis c, we want inform and educate you by making available, reliable and up-to-dates-facts. A place where you can share your experience. Our Foundation will work hard to raise money to help those who need funding for much needed treatment. We will provide a place that everyone has the same opportunity to get help with information about Hepatitis C virus and share their feelings. Welcome to The Bonnie Foundation for HCV “Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~ 2013 Together We are Strong!

We are currently accepting donations to help pay for medications and treatments for patients with hepatitis C and cover the costs of medication after liver transplant. Donate today to help those in need. Find out more from our Facebook™ page.

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"The information provided in this Web site is for general educational purposes only and is not intended to convey or be a substitute for the medical advice of your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider should always be your primary source of information about your health, diagnosis, and treatment."

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